One week post transplant…

Hi all

 It has been one week since the new cells have made their home in Tanias body.  I am still amazed with science and what they can do.  Over the week her numbers have gone down she did not have a very good day on Tuesday… today she picked up a little bit.  She’s battling nausea, shakiness, fatigue…. not quite sure what each day brings.  

She did get to video chat with your family tonight.. I am sure it was nice to see the kids.  She also shaved her head today as the hair started falling out again.  She is beautiful with or without hair😄! 

They’re going to to try give her one more chemo treatment.  Lots of patients can’t handle this one you get sores in your mouth and other side effects… however they think she is young so they are going to try.  She has a new addition to the beast… A morphine drip.  She now gets to push the button to help with the pain.  

Please continue to pray for her and her family.  Lots of adjusting with school, sports… but they are thankful for all the support.  I even delivered a letter from Switzerland today to Aaron to give and a big stack of cards for her daily card pile! 

I will keep you posted most likely Monday unless things change.



Upcoming Road ahead …

Hi all

I wen a little quiet on here as Tania was posting on Instagram/facebook. It is really nice to see her sharing her day, her highs in her lows.  She sure looks pretty!

This past week she has had bouts of nausea, headaches and lots of exhaustion.   Right now her numbers will be hitting low levels.  This is to be expected… however with that comes the side effects 😞  This will not be an easy few weeks ahead.   She is still getting some chemo treatments and many drug combinations. She is not able to reply to texts and messages but  know that she is reading them and they are encouraging her and her family.

Aaron has taken some time off, her mother is there whenever needed and today she got to cuddle up with and her two oldest kiddos… she misses her kids greatly❤️ Please keep all those little kiddos in your prayers and Aaron as a navigate a sport filled family routine ⚽️🏐🏒.and visiting mom ❤️ and school of course. 

Many have helped in tangible ways and the family really appreciates the support.  They also appreciate the many many prayers. They know He is there with them every step of the way. 


They are here and in their new home😄

Hi all
Today was a very anticipated day for many !! Tania did not feel super great this morning. They found out midday that the cells had arrived at the airport. When they got to the hospital they were told they were there!! And then they hung the cells from the Beast !! Took about an hour and she has a new cells running through her body ready to produce some good stuff❤️ 
Today many people decided to wear orange, red or relay for life shirt .. to support Tania. I have posted throughout the day the photos that I received… it is amazing the support from here to Holland!! 

( the school Tania works at … how special ❤️)

All are very happy this is done and she did very well 😄. Tomorrow brings some anti-rejection drugs. There is also a few days slotted in the next few weeks for chemo but a lesser version of what she’s had this past week.  
Thanks all for the support overwhelming response of love and prayer for the family❤️

Theses pictures say a 1000 words… 


One more sleep …

Hi all

The last few days for Tania have been a little up-and-down.  She has sat and chatted a little bit, laid down with headaches, had some nausea… but there has been a little improvement from the few days prior.  It an emotional time for all.  Something that has been searched for, waited upon, celebrated, rejoiced over, feared… is finally here.  We all know that time does not stand, but like anything when the day arrives we still need to deal with the moment.  The moment the stem cells go into her body will actually be uneventful we are told.  She was able to be there as her roommate received hers today.  It was an emotional time for her.  The lady in her room is one day ahead of her in this process which has allowed her to see it one step at a time.   Tomorrow, Aaron and Tania will go through the stem cell donation hand-in-hand.  Something they have look forward to for their family for the last 7 months.  There have been lots of preparations for this day: tests, appointments, injections .. and it is finally here😄. 

 Everyone in the family, friends, friends of friends , acquaintances, facebook followers , Blog  followers … are all elated they have found a match❤️.     We are all excited for you Tania, but we also know that there will be some tough days ahead.  Some days filled with pain, despair, sadness… but we also hope with all our  hearts that there will be days filled with joy, laughter, hugs and so many wonderful things.  We are all here standing behind you, praying for what is in store, hoping for good to happen and trusting His plan. 

Tomorrow our family and some friends will be wearing the shirts we received with Tania Troopers on from the relay for life, or color orange for leukemia or the color red for MDS.  We along with many many other people all the round the world will be thinking of you tomorrow❤️ and the next day and the day after that… and continually you we will be in our prayers❤️. If you decide to wear one of these colors of T-shirts send me an email or a text and I will put it on this blog for Tania to see!! 

I will keep you posted very closely in the next week.  She has been inundated with so much love.  She unable to answer the texts and emails… but know she gets them and they are such a blessing to her and her family❤️

The time is come… Bring on the stem cells❤️

Ps.  Pics include “the beast”, her pretty toes and a special quote😄

Really want this part to be done… really really want this part to be done…

Hi all… lots of people have asked how she’s doing… I wish I had a better answer but it is not good.  

I had mentioned earlier that the symptoms were coming on slowly but progressing.  They are now full blown.   The nausea has been very difficult and all the things that come with it😞. She is exhausted and the headaches are back😞 Tania’s  body through this illness has reacted badly to things that other people in a similar situation may not react as badly to. 
Wednesday is the day for the stem cells… Bring them on!  It won’t be a quick fix.. she will be receiving antirejection medication before and after and it’s some pretty heavy stuff.   There’s other medications and things she needs to go through.  We eagerly await the day that her body will receive new stem cells and hopefully fix all that is not working right in her blood… but we also know there is more to come after that.  
When I thought about where she’s at right now I think about the Psalm 23. This is a tough valley for Tania. Her faith is strong… even though her body is not.  Lots of prayers are needed.  Lots of prayers for Aaron, their kids,  her parents and Don, her extended family and her friends.  But I often pray for everybody who has been affected by this in my prayers.  Many of your hearts are hurting for her and her family❤️. 

She is not able to answer messages right now.  She also is unable to have visitors.   Let’s pray for endurance for Tania to have the strength to get through one day at a time!!   

Tania and I talked about this verse and she agrees its a gooder.  Even though she may not be physically feeling dignified or strong or laughing today … she knows that He has her in His  hands. 


One day at a time…

Hi all.. I thought Day 3 would be a good day to keep you in the loop. Yesterday she began to feel the stomache aches.  In the last few days some of the symptoms have been coming on slowly and progressing.  Nausea is the big one😞  At this point she does not have a have a headache … let’s all keep praying that those stay away as those have been really hard for her.  She is on the best floor and they take very good care of her😄.   

We kept her busy this evening with texts and pictures from the stem cell drive.  It went awesome! 72 people came out and donated … THANK YOU!! The volunteers were super amazing… THANK YOU!   Strangers came walking through the door tonight from reading it in the newspaper, people who do not know Tania personally stepped up  and one lady had really no idea what it was.  But as the volunteer shared with her Tanias story and tears welled in her eyes the lady was eager to get swabbed ❤️ Many  of us including myself are too old .. but that didn’t stop you from sharing and sending kind words today with well wishes.. THANK YOU! The biggest goal is that there is a family out there in this world that can have hope fom a transplant!! 

The saying “it takes a village” has been resounding in my head.  What a great massive village we have surrounding Tania❤️.   We all have mini- villages, I have mine, you have yours.. I am in awe how many people this one lovely lady Tania Grim has touched… truly amazing !! He has a plan, we do not know His plan. However, right  now He is bringing many many villages together to love, care and support Tania and her family❤️!  

So much love out there .. THANK YOU❤️ 


Day 1: Bring on the cells!!

Hi all, 

My name is Marie Grim and I am Tania’s sister-in-law.  I have the honor of speaking for her and the family through this blog for the next little bit. This will probably be the longest one from me so grab a coffee or tea 😄

For those of you who have been reading it from her perspective I am sorry it switches gears a little bit.  You will still get to hear how she is doing.  I know her writing, the realness of how she writes and her truth has been definitely something that has touched many people❤️

I thought it was fitting that a blog came today on Day 1 of this new step.  Today was a big day.  The first day of chemo a chemo that will basically bring her down to nothing and get her body ready for the transplant.  A big day for her and her family as they have long-awaited the stem cells.   And finally a big day for Tania and Aaron as they celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary.   

Tania didn’t have the greatest sleep, nor did she have the greatest breakfast, but she definitely had some of the greatest nurses! When her mom and I arrived this morning she had broken out the coloring.  The “beast” was in full swing and the chemo was dripping. She enjoyed some time in the chair with us as she is determined not to lay in bed this round.  We had the fun of picking her meals and hanging out with one of her favorite nurses, Robbie😄 By the way she is  seriously famous on the 15th floor! She’s a very joyful patient.  They all love her.  The nurses from the other floors are planning to come visit her and the patient that was across from her for the last day is also going to come visit her… she is a legend on that floor!!! And I’m sure we all know why❤️ Tania  brings  something to this cancer journey: Faith, Hope and Love! Yes it may sound cliché but if you know Tania you know it is true.  OK now back to her day. Her numbers have dropped a little.. that is as medically accurate as I can get. By the afternoon she had a little bit of a chemo glaze.  She kind of forgets what she’s talking about midsentence, she forgets names, she looks a little tired… but we still found the opportunities to laugh❤️.  We thought it was a good time to leave and give her some rest… unfortunately without our presence she got nauseous .. well actually we knew it was bound to happen with the chemo.  By this evening they had given her medication to help it and she’s feeling a little bit better.  Later this evening her family came for a visit and showered her with love❤️.   She was excited to hear about their time at school, cuddle with Aaron on the hospital bed and give all her kids hugs❤️.  

I’m pretty sure many have you thought about Tania lots today.  For me it came in the quiet times when I was driving, listening to music, talking about our visit with friends…. that the tears came upon me.  There was a time when there was no donor.  There was a time when the anticipation was so great my heart ached.   Through all this nothing but continual reliance on His plan was often the only thing keeping my soul sane.  I find myself overwhelmed with so many people willing to help their family. People that have never met her people who love her and just good people with big hearts.  Since day one the community of support has been huge! 

I’ve been asked a lot lately what they need … here are a few ideas: 

1. Prayer.. and lots of it❤️

2. An email or a text with kind words and support.  Maybe tough for her to reply depending on the day but know that she has received it.

3. There’s going to be a lot of travel to and from the hospital gas cards are an amazing thing for their family… their van is a bit of a gas 🐷 

4. Restaurant gift cards are also awesome especially if they deliver as then Aaron does not need to go out!  

5.  We have started “a card a day” for Tania.   If you would like to send some words on a card, a note anything really that fits in an envelope and somehow get it to me or Leanne, we will make sure she has them.  She is only allowed to open one a day and is taking all her might 😄.  She really has enjoyed them and looks forward to them.

If ever you would like to get anything to their family feel free to get in touch with me or any family member from either side of the family and we will gladly make sure they get it.

There is a stem cell Drive in honor of Tania this Friday from 330 to 8 PM and Langley.  Email me if you would like more details.  If you would like us to pass on anything to to the family you can always drop it off at the stem cell drive and we will get it to them .

Tania and Aaron often talk about the many people out there in this world that have done so much in a variety of  ways for their family it is truly a blessing. They know there is many prayers for their family and they are very thankful. 

I promise I will keep it shorter next time.  Thank you for reading and I hope you have finished your coffee. 


A few pics from the day: