Round 4 Update

This round has gone very well. I had 2 days where I was pretty sick but for the most part I can’t complain. Chemo finished last week Saturday and today my counts are down . As of today I am neutropenic and have very low platelets. My Hgb is down as well but still not dangerously low. I had a platelet transfusion today and they had someone go in and donate for special matched platelets and my platelets increased a lot from it. That means tomorrow I can stay home. This round should be done hopefully in 10 days. 

After this round, I will be going straight into stem cell donation prep and donating my own on July 12 and 13th if needed. Then  July 17 I have an appointment with the main doc to go over the transplant and the protocol. August appointments for testing are all booked ( there are a lot) and the plan is to be admitted on Aug 31st start chemo and have transplant on September 8. I will lose my hair again which really sucks cuz it’s growing back. I’m crossing my figures are don’t lose any this round.

This past week I was able to be at Madison’s graduation. A couple months ago we weren’t even sure I was going to make it there. I was emotional because I was so happy to be there . There were only 6 of them but they nailed their grad song. It was beautiful. Hard to believe she is going to high school in September! Then Dylan follows the year after. 

Enjoy your week everyone! 

Rough Day

It seems day 3 is the lucky day my body decides to fall apart on me. I managed to drive myself in to chemo 3 days but knew on the way home day 3 that I was not well. I ended up throwing up and being nauseous in bed the rest of the day. Aaron took the day off knowing I was in rough shape. I’m thankful that he did. I continued to throw up. Driving an hour and a bit into stop go traffic to Vancouver doesn’t help either. Good thing I came prepared. Sorry to gross you all out. By the time I got to the hospital I had a migraine on top of it . I had one of my favourite nurses yesterday and that seriously can make a bit difference. I kept her busy. First I got dexamethazone and gravol through iv . Then morphine for the headache, then a bag of saline with magnesium and potassium and then my chemo. After that finished I got zofran and gravol and more morphine. I got through it though and by about 9 last night I was feeling a lot better and finally put some food in my stomach. 

I was very thankful I could snag a private room. 

Today is my last chemo this round. I’m happy. Despite feeling terrible I almost made it through. The fatigue has hit me again and in the days ahead it will get worse as my blood lowers but I can’t complain , my body is fighting and as long as I feel these awful symptoms, I know I’m winning. 

Time to Start Again

I am so grateful for the break I have had from treatment. Despite the gallbladder surgery, I have felt a lot better than before I became sick. As long as im not on my feet too much. My back is quite sore most of the time. 

Since the last round ended I was able to go to track meets, sports day, baseball tournament, relay for life, pedicure with krista, dinner with friends, a quick trip to Victoria to crash Madison’s grad trip and a family reunion. I have caught up with a few friends and kinda stayed on top of the laundry. I have gotten to go to church a few times and able to catch up with a few people there. It really has been so nice. 

As I sit here this evening, I’m feeling a bit anxious. Tomorrow is the start of chemo again. I don’t want this good feeling to go away. I know that I need to keep fighting though. I’m ready . Just nervous. God always gets me through it though. He has given me wonderful people in my life to help make it easier. I’m so thankful. I’m also thankful for the wisdom of the doctors who are working hard to give me the best care. 

I anticipate being medically busy starting tomorrow right until transplant. This cycle will last 4-5 weeks once my blood has recovered. Once that cycle is done, I will start hormone treatment for 5 days to produce more stem cells . On July 12 and 13, I will be donating my stem cells to myself as a back up. They freeze them until needed if needed. After this ( still no dates confirmed) I will be getting a bunch of tests done. Liver function, heart testing, lung function testing, x rays , lumbar puncture where they insert chemo into my spine, bone marrow biopsy, and I’m guessing more. In August I will begin the meds to lessen the antibodies. I just learned one of these is a chemotherapy. 4 days before I go into hospital they will do plasmapheresis. This is where they take the plasma cells out and put something else in to replace it. This will reduce the antibodies. I will have my date soon for transplant but it will most likely be the first or second week of September. 

I will leave you with more pictures of some things I did in my time off. 

Relay for Life

Wow, wow ,wow! 

Last night was the relay for life in Langley. As most of you know Marie started a team called Tania’s Troopers and the team just kept on growing. I had the privilege of sharing this event with 2 other survivors Candy and Michelle . As far as I know , they are cancer free today! I am thankful for that. 

One thing that hit me was the yellow shirt. Raising money for cancer research has been something that I have been apart of for quite a few years. Sadly the people I did it for have now passed away. It was special to remember them last night. It was emotional. However we can’t let that discourage us. We have to keep going forward and keep fighting. For me to be the one wearing the yellow shirt was sad but also very powerful. I could feel Gods presence all night. I had so many people there encouraging me and supporting me. Honestly last night could have been a lot harder but with the news we received this past Tuesday, it was a joyful event. A huge HUGE thank you to everyone who walked, who donated , who encouraged us. We are blessed with so many wonderful people. Now I will fill your screen with pictures. Too many good ones! 

You Do Not Want To Miss This Post!

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. ❤️


I have a secret. I have had an appointment booked with my head doctor since last week Thursday. I choose not to tell anyone because I was scared. I didn’t know how I was going to tell everyone that a cord match wasn’t found. You see the doctor told me she would call me as soon as a cord match was found. So going into a face to face appointment, I assumed the worse. Aaron decided to come with me again. I had spent much of my last week trying to figure out how I was going to tell the kids the disappointing news. I cried daily, I prayed constantly, I lost a lot of sleep. A cord blood match was not found but I am happy to tell you all that God has answered our prayers.

I AM HAVING A TRANSPLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems so unreal. Our family is overjoyed by this news.

Let me explain. I have a 10/10 donor but there is another element of the cross matching that has made things complicated. My antibodies. My case is not a common one. They don’t ever deal with this. So basically we all have antibodies, A+. Mine are like this A++++++. This is the reason platelets get destroyed and also the reason the stem cells would also be destroyed. Aaron in his determination contacted the Mayo clinic in Phoenix and was told antibodies don’t matter, they have drugs for this. He started the process of getting us a consultation there. Last week when my sister in law Marie and I were there we discussed this with another doctor asking why this is. She was stumped. She proceeded talk to my head doctor about it and she had agreed to send my info down to the Mayo clinic. The next day I got a call for the appointment to talk to my head doctor. So fast forward to today….

I was so nervous I seriously peed every 5 minutes. Sorry too much info but seriously! When we sat down my doctor went on to tell me that she had been in contact with the bone marrow doctors in Seattle. A total of 13 doctors came together to find a solution to my rare situation. They do not consult the states very often at all. They talked about their protocol to a situation like this and together came up with a plan that is my only chance at curing me. I was FLOORED! You pretty well had to pick my jaw up off the floor. So here is the plan. 

I will start chemo on Tuesday next week as planned. Because I am now getting a transplant I will get the intermediate dose for 5 or 6 days instead of the high dose. Once my counts recover about 4 weeks later, they will be taking my own stem cells out. This will be the same process my donor will do. The reason for this is because if my antibodies reject the donor even after the stuff they do, they have something to fill my bone marrow back up instead of me dying right away. It will buy me more time basically. So that will happen around the 12 th of July. The hope is that by the beginning of September I will be ready for transplant. This depends on the donor too. However I now need to go through 4 weeks of extra drug treatment. There are 3 drugs (2 are not covered under MSP, they are petitioning  to get it covered) that they are going to be giving me to kill off some of those antibodies and plasmapheresis. Click this, Plasmapheresis . After all this, I get my transplant. The exact date should be determined this week but they are asking for September 6th.

On June 6th, 2003, Aaron asked me to marry him. On September 6th, we said I Do. Interesting hey. We got this news today, June 6 .

The best part of the day was sharing the news. We started off by stopping at my Mom and Don’s. They were surprised to see Aaron and I think Mom knew something was up. My Dad was down the road picking up my Grandma and so I asked him to come to Moms. Both reactions were priceless. Tears of joy after so much heartbreak. We phoned Aaron’s Mom and family as well as few others. It was so much fun giving the news.

Shocked parents… 😀

This is me telling my my brother on the phone. 

This morning Madison left on her grade 7 grad trip. Even though I am surprising her tomorrow in Victoria I couldn’t wait to tell her. I tracked her down. The joy in her voice and thankfulness brought me to tears. I wish I could have hugged her but I will tomorrow. It was hard waiting for the boys. The news was just as exciting for them. This whole business of Mom being sick and finding no solution has been so hard. They were over joyed. The hugs and woohoo’s and more hugs and me in tears , again, was the best. I asked Aaron to take pics of peoples reactions. This is a day we will never forget. God has granted me another shot. How awesome is He! He answered the many prayers going up to Him everyday. Now we will continue to pray for the days ahead. They will not be easy and the transplant itself is risky but we will not dwell on the what if’s. We will rejoice in the Lord, with family and friends.

So emotional telling the kids…. 

 We are happy!!!!!!