Where to Begin?

I guess I should begin by saying thank you. Thank you to my husband Aaron for throwing me an incredible birthday bash. Thank you to all my friends , family, church family for supporting me. Thank you for all the cards and lovely gifts and for truly making me feel loved and special. My army was all in one place at one time and it was awesome ! Here are my thoughts on a wonderful Saturday….

First of all I knew Aaron was throwing me a party. He really wanted to. I did not know the party was going to be as big as it was or that it was at a winery.

My day started out great. After a week of being in an incredible amount of pain, I had energy and felt refreshed. I decided to go shopping. It had been a very long time and I wanted to get a new outfit for my party. So my mom and I had a great day. We did some shopping and enjoyed a quick drink at milestones. We were out until about 2. I went home and rested after that so I was ready to party.🎉

When I got home I figured out the party couldn’t possibly be at my house because it was still a mess and the lawn wasn’t mowed or anything. I have to say I was able to keep a lot calmer knowing I didn’t have to run around cleaning. So I had a rest and got cleaned up and we headed out to the party.

We arrived at a winery called Backyard Winery in Langley. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Aaron did a great job with the location even though I don’t drink ( other than the occasional Bellini at milestones 😉). I was excited . Then looked over and saw this huge box that said Arctic Cat on it. Suddenly I couldn’t control my tears. Arctic Cat is the company my best friend Shalena’s husband works for and they live in Enderby and I was not expecting her to be there. So I let my emotions get the better of me. I always miss her. Along with them , were many close friends and family. It was amazing to be together. Aaron hired a pizza company to come out and serve us really delicious pizzas.

At 8:00 I noticed more people coming in. Not just a few! A lot! So many people. All people who have supported us in one way or another. It was crazy. Crazy great though. It took me a couple days to unwind from all the excitement. It was wonderful to see everyone before I start this next part of my journey. When they all sang Happy Birthday it was hard not to get chocked up. So many emotions. Here are some pics of the party. Photo credits to Marie .

Thank you again everyone! 😘 Love you all.

35 Years Old and Health Update

Yesterday has come and gone. It was a day I cherished. Was able to celebrate Brandon turning 9. He and his buddy Lucas had a birthday party together . It was super relaxed and I was able to visit with a couple friends. Unfortunately the spinal headache was pretty active and so was my stomach. I had to leave the party a bit early but am thankful for Lindsay and Krista who understood and made me feel ok leaving. Brandon and Lucas seemed to have a great time. 🎉

I came home and rested for a bit. Someone gifted us with a meal last night and we didn’t have to worry about that.

After dinner all the parents came over. It was very very nice. I cherish them all and know for both my parents and Aaron’s it was a special, emotional kinda day. We don’t know what the Lord has in store for us, treasuring time together is what matters. Despite the aches and pains I was experiencing, I loved my day. Here are some photos. ..

I was spoiled. I got a wack load ( 4 dozen ) flowers from some friends. Meaningful necklace from my dad , the best homemade cards from my kids and friends kids, some writing stuff. And an ice cream cake:)

As for the health part, I was supposed to get a blood patch today to help with the spinal fluid leakage but the headache had improved a bit. I think it’s finally resolving itself . I can sit up longer now and walk around a bit. My appetite is slowly returning. It has been a very rough week. Was not expecting to be knocked down that bad. So when I arrived this morning the docs and I decided to not do the patch. I really really didn’t want it. So I had some extra fluids to hopefully aide the recovery. I have not been drinking enough .

I completed 2 plasmapheresis now. My body has tolerated it well. I have 3 more to go. Velcade is all done. Not much longer and I will be in the hospital . Starting to really creep up now.

The big bag in the back is my plasma. 😳

Lumbar Puncture and Biopsy

While I am currently not throwing up I thought I should give an update . On Wednesday I had my lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy. This was my 5th biopsy and though it was uncomfortable, it went fine. I have the results already and looks like I am still below 5% blasts, which is good news with going forward with transplant.

Later that afternoon I had a lumbar puncture. This is to test if there’s cancer in the spinal fluid and at the same time they inject chemo in the spine incase there is. Results are back from that and there is no cancer in the spinal fluid. Yay!

The bad news is starting Thursday evening I threw up none stop for about 36 hours. I had to go in to the hospital Friday for chemo so we went early where they gave me a fluids and steroids to help with the effects of the lumbar puncture. They still gave me chemo which I’m sure didn’t help and sent me home with caffeine pills. No pain meds relieve spinal headaches. It’s such a rotten feeling. I still cannot sit up. I can only lay on my back . If I get up the pain is excruciating.

I really felt like giving up yesterday. Why suffer through so much when it may not even work. I was feeling and am still feeling very discouraged but then when I get hugs and good mornings from 4 smiling faces and my Aaron, it’s all worth the fight.

I missed my Grandmas celebration of life yesterday. Just another thing cancer has taken from me. I really have no control over what will happen to me in a day. It makes me feel like I’m letting people down. I know I’m not but it still feels that way.

Psalm 121

August 15th , 2017

Well my journey to fight antibodies has begun. I had my first to doses of velcade. Velcade is a chemo drug that fight multiple myeloma. I have done most of my tests. Tomorrow is my biopsy and lumbar puncture. I'm hoping and praying the biopsy results are positive and transplant will go on.
Last night I didn't feel very well. I was able to go walk with Krista for a bit which was great but struggled with my stomach until I eventually got sick. Today I'm unwell but just took some gravol and will rest today.
I am trying to walk everyday for 30 mins. It feels great. My back doesn't love it but my energy has gone up so I am trying to do what I can to be stronger for September.
The kids had a great few days. I took them to Cultus waterslides on Wednesday with a friend. It was a great day. 8 hours of sliding ( not me). Friday we drove to Allouette lake to see Leanne and Bryan , Brenda and Shaun camping. Yesterday Marie picked up the kids and took them to the new parkour park in Langley. I am glad that despite the circumstances in our life, the kids are still having a great summer.

The cute blond is my niece Ashlyn ❤️

Not sure if I posted this already but this is a quilt with a kit of love. So many personal messages that I will be able to wrap myself around while in hospital. Thank you Rebecca for making this for me. It's truly special.

The Empty Bed

The empty bed….

June and July came and went but my friend didn't come back. Everytime I went to the clinic I would scan the board for his last name thinking I had just missed him. I was looking forward to hearing about his transplant. He reminded me a bit like my dad. His personality anyways. His love of life. Same age. But as time went on and he didn't return , I knew. I couldn't get myself to ask the nurses. I was scared to. I finally decided to google his name with the word obituary behind it. I was sad to see what popped up immediately.
I am thankful to hear that it sounds like he went peacefully, surrounded by the people he loved and who loved him. His wife is a strong lady and I am thankful that I could be in touch with her.
When you are going through sickness, you meet people who are going through the same thing. You understand one another . Your cheer each other on and encourage each other. It's a real blessing. I feel thankful that I was able to meet him. I will think of him often as I fight my battle. Knowing that he would be cheering me on.
Rest in Peace F.G

A Calm Before the Storm

It's been a bit since I last posted. I have been busy having fun! To celebrate Aaron's dad turning 65, the Grim's got together for a couple days of camping . We stayed local. Aaron arranged a comfy place for me to have a normal bed to sleep in by borrowing a motorhome. Everyone had a wonderful time. Unfortunately I got word that my grandma had passed away. Due to certain circumstances, I have not seen her in a couple years and I was sad that I won't have a chance to talk to her again. I am thankful that she is with Jesus. She had a very strong faith and loved the Lord with her whole heart. She is at peace and can rest now. Here's some camping pics.

We were invited for another getaway with friends from church. This time to Osoyoos and unfortunately Aaron had to stay behind. I did have great company though and we all had a blast. We went to the lake and did some tubing. I even got on the tube . It was fun. My muscles aren't very strong though and I had a hard time holding on. We spent time in the pool, eating delicious food, and even went for a pedicure. Did I mention the food???? 🤤

Yesterday I was back at the hospital for blood work and check up. My blood is doing very well. My hemoglobin is almost at normal. Yay!
Today I had a bone density scan, a RVG heart scan and a lung function test. My bone test came out that I have osteopenia which basically means my bones suck. However it's due to the treatment and will only get worse after transplant. Because I'm at risk of fracture I will be getting an infusion of a medication that will strengthen my bones because after transplant bone density decreases by 15%.
I'm not sure how the heart test went but I am now radioactive for a week . My lung test was hard. I am having trouble because if the smoke . This made my score go down but I think it still turned out ok.
August is busy. I have 4 doses of chemo coming up . It hopefully won't give me too many side effects . It's for the antibodies. I also gave more tests. I will update again later.
If you are between 17 and 35 there is a stem cell drive beginning if September. Let me know if you would like to sign up and I can give you specifics. It will. E in Langley. ❤️