Time For an Update

I’m going to do this in point form because it’s easier with so much to catch up on. I apologize for not keeping up with the blog but life has been overwhelming.

– after being assessed for the vertigo I was experiencing I was tested for infection and it came back positive for a blood injection. I was admitted to the hospital that day, Thursday, and stayed until Monday. I basically had to beg everyday to find a way home.

– its really hard on the heart every time I am in hospital away from my family. I feel disconnected from friends and family and church. I cried a lot .

– I made it home and was able to enjoy many Christmas festivities. I did a craft.

Decorated cookies with the kids. A friend kindly made some dough for us. I seriously have the nicest people around me. We went to Glow. A beautiful light festivity that our friends set up this year. It was such a treat.

2 of the kids were in our church choir . I went and watched that. They did a beautiful job.

It was a busy week home. I was exhausted and my body is hurting this week .

– after pushing myself too much I am pretty well couch ridden. My feet, face and hands are swollen. My head hurts where my dissection is and I can’t seem to keep my eyes open very long. I have another small infection as well which is dragging me down.

– I am thankful that the doctors made it possible for me to have oral antibiotics instead of iv. I was able to stay home yesterday and today.

– Christmas Eve my family came over. Don’t worry they did all the work. The food was incredible. The company great. We had Mom and Don and Grandma here for the first time in 9 years. It was pretty awesome. In these pictures you can see the affects on steroids. It’s embarrassing but I will have it till I’m off steroids. It’s called moonface . I didn’t want to not include the pics because I love my family so much. My brother even bought me the original Nintendo for Christmas. Pretty rad if you ask me.

– I was sick yesterday unfortunately. I didn’t get out of bed all day. In the evening I ate left over tortiere and cheesecake and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. Aaron brought me home a Christmas dinner which I will enjoy. I missed Christmas at my in laws but am thankful I was not in hospital. Tonight is another Christmas gathering and I won’t be able to go to that either. I know many who will be there tonight read this and I want to wish you all a blessed New Years and send my love. Big squeeze to you Grandma.V.

– the biggest most exciting news of all, is that we found out I am in remission. At this point the transplant was successful. After a year of fighting, it was all worth it. I have hit almost every bump in the road and I know I have a long ways to go but I am son incredibly thankful to God for answering our prayers. He has gotten me through the toughest time and I’m not sure I could have done it without his love and grace and promises.

Bad meds cocktail😞

Hi all

Its me again… which usually means Tania can’t be doing the blog😞 unfortunately this is the case again.

Tania’s had a tough week with different drugs they’re giving her for different things. She was feeling a little bit better and they found out she had some different bugs in her that needed to be taken care of. They kept her in the hospital and started giving her medication that she reacted to and is feeling quite unwell. I think they are looking at a new medication and hoping that will help her with less side effects. Some of the bacteria has been killed so that is good… just finding the right combination of medication is key. Hope and pray that the new combination will work very quickly for her and her body will react in a positive way.

Feel free to send her texts and emails but unfortunately she cannot reply to them.

I will update you through this blog or you will see her pop up on social media when she is feeling better.

It is Tania’s favorite time of the year… so its been tough… but they know they are loved, cared about and prayed for.

Thanks all for your continued prayer and support for their dear family this year❤️


It’s Been Awhile

Hello Strangers. Or so it feels that way.

My apologies for not updating sooner, I gave just been quite tired and unable to concentrate on writing. As seems to be the case now as well , so I will update quick.

I have spent a number of my days in bed. I am suffering from puking. We are not sure why. It seems to be motion related. I almost always throw up on the way to VGH. If I have been on my feet too long , I throw up. I don’t always feel nauseous but I often do,

Anyways other than that things have been very boring. I did managed to get my Christmas decorations up thanks to wonderful little elves. It’s nice and festive in here. A better update will be done when I’m not such a zombie.