Hair! Eyelashes! Rash :(

Thought I would pop on here to say the last couple days I have been feeling better. Still nauseous but not as bad. Today was a bit worse then the last 3 days but I’m hoping it will pass. The doctor is tapering my steroids as well as a blood pressure medication. Once I’m off those, I will go off my anti rejection meds.

One of the meds causes hair growth in weird places like my shoulders, neck, face, stomach. I feel like a wolf . I’m thankful for lady hair removal stuff. I’m sure you all wanted to hear about that. The weird thing is I wasn’t getting any hair on my head. But finally my hair is coming in! My eyelashes are also way nicer than they ever were. ( no mascara on picture) I hate my eyebrows. They are way thicker and ugly. When I’m allowed to drive again, I’m going to visit my friend Lisa to get them nice . 💅🏻

Next week I’m going to see a dermatologist for a rash I have all over. I have had psoriasis my whole life and to me the rash looks like psoriasis but instead of presenting on my joints , it’s coming out in spots. This is called guttate psoriasis and comes after having a viral infection. I have had 3 or 4 since transplant so I’m thinking that is what’s going on. I will see if I’m right on Wednesday.

An exciting note, I only have to go to the clinic once a week. That’s the first step to “graduating ” as they called it. I will get my line pulled soon too.

That’s it for my medical update.

Pain and Puking

The title says it all. I could use your prayers right now. I have been locked up in bed for about 3 weeks now unable to basically function. If no ones is here to make me lunch, I won’t eat. Depends how bad I am that day. Then when I do eat, I vomit it back up. I have only been eating smoothies and soup. On top of that my head hurts, a lot. Both sides of my neck and the right side of my head. My neck feels weak. I asked physio to help but they won’t until I’ve been cleared by the stroke neurologist. In the meantime I wait. The dissection is healing and for that I am grateful.

In other news, I forced myself to get to Gavin’s last basketball game. I had been trying but my stomach never let me. Instead I threw up in the van when we left home. I’m always prepared now. I enjoyed watching the game very much 😊

So hard to take pictures when your hands shake and the boys always moving. But at least I got one.

Madison is done basketball, hockey is starting playoffs so we are almost done that. Track and field starts up after spring break.