Yesterday was Anti Bullying Day

Here’s my story.

As a young girl I was picked on by fellow classmates. I remember grade 1 Someone put gum on my seat. That was the first time I was bullied.

All throughout elementary school I was made fun of for having short hair. My parents made me and I hated it. I was called a boy over and over again. Then I had a bit of hair on my lip so kids constantly made fun of me having a “moustache” . That was the worse part for me. Unfortunately my kids have also been bullied about having a moustache . If you think your child wouldn’t be capable of being mean, think again.I held on to a lot of tear filled children who’s closest friends made fun of them. Brought me back to my childhood and the pain I felt and the pain was real.

Now years later I have very short near bald hair and hair growing on my face from the cyclosporine they give me. Funny how it’s just like my childhood . Here’s the difference though, I fought hard for this look. I am thankful to be alive no matter what I look like. I have a second chance to live a healthy life of thankfulness and appreciation for the good and the bad. God has designed us how He wants us to look and we are perfect in His sight. Who cares what that bully says. To God we are beautiful.

I also had my water bottle filled up with toilet bowl water. I took a sip and spit it out right away. That was humiliating. How can kids be so mean. That was grade 7 . The boy got suspended but it never took the hurt away.

As an adult I have been bullied by an Auntie. My own family member whom I adored. I won’t go into that but it just shows you how bullying can come out in all ways. Even at jobs in the past I was bullied. Called fat . Who cares , it means I have food on my table. We are all built differently.

Growing up I was covered in psoriasis. This on its own can make a person feel extremely self conscious. It looks contagious or as August from the movie Wonder would say, “the plague”. It was awful. I was so itchy , would get no sleep because of it. Well skin rash diagnosis yesterday , as I suspected , is psoriasis. It’s literally everywhere. The treatment for how bad I have it is cyclosporine and prednisone both which I’m already on. So I’m using a lot of topical steroids and will be going 3 days a week for light therapy. Thankfully I can do this in guilford. So if you see me and you see spots, I’m not contagious.

That’s my bullying story. Blunt and real as it gets.I hope instead of being a bully, you will stop bullying. What’s your story?