What’s New With Tania


That’s exciting, right? The last couple weeks my health has improved after having a nasty flu and infection. I was quite nauseous from some antibiotics I was on but am no longer feeling so crummy.

Our family enjoyed a week long vacation at Mabel Lake with some of our good friends. It was beautiful there as always and the weather was as well.

On the 31st I start my immunizations. Starting with my baby “2” month shots. And on Sept 13 it will be 1 year since transplant. My blood is beautiful right now and I look forward to celebrating this milestone.

I am able to do quite a bit more on the home front. I do get tired quite easily still but I know how to read my body well enough. I am being weened off of cyclosporine ( immune suppressant) and can’t wait to be done with that. I’m getting out more these days. It’s nice to catch up with people.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer !