Next Small Setback

First off I am really excited that today I had my first set of immunizations. I had 3 needles that were full of great stuff to strengthen my immune system. I do have to go frequently. Next round is in September where I will get 4. Basically all the shots you put your kids through, I have to get. I have been extremely tired from it and have sore arms but other than that I think I’m tolerating it okay.

This past weekend Aaron was able to go up to Smithers to celebrate his aunt and uncles 60th anniversary. While he was there I went to stay with my sister in law. She injured her knee quite badly, I felt very bad for her. ( pray for her, please) I noticed throughout the weekend and even a couple days before that I wasn’t feeling very good. My appetite was minimal and fatigue picked up. I’m sure the weather didn’t help. Unfortunately my liver enzymes are quite high. They are the highest they have ever been. It scares me a bit. So my doctor called this morning and made me go back up on my cyclosporine ( immune suppressant). I think she may think I’m getting GVHD in my liver. This is very possible. I was really happy to go off of it but it is what it is.

I still feel like I’m slowly getting better and I can’t complain. It’s God’s timing not mine. Sometimes it’s hard on me because I look so normal now but I’m still dealing with a lot of little things.

I sure am loving having hair again. 😀

Look at that mop 😂🤪

2 thoughts on “Next Small Setback

  1. Beautiful mop! Praying you get your energy back again! You and your kids were missed and so were Marie and the kids! We had a great time but by the looks of things , so did you guys! Super weather everywhere!


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