My Hope is in The Lord Jesus

Wow what a hot day out there today. Beautiful but my pitiful fatigued body has a hard time with it. The sunshine makes me happy but I kinda feel grumpy lately. What’s the root of these feelings? I often ask myself this and can sometimes figure it out.

Today : heat, menopause ( maybe), dehydration, spending all day with the kids but feeling like I failed as a mom because I can’t do more with them, missing my Madison who I’m sure is not missing me ( she’s at camp), feeling frustrated about the mess I live in because I am unable to steam up enough energy to work and organize. ( I think once the kids are back in school the mess will lessen).

Even through all these depressing feelings I know I am where I am supposed to be in life. I remind myself I am not a bad mom. I take my kids places where I can sit ( including cultus water slides next week) and be comfortable. I took them glamping for 2 days without Aaron, played chess a couple times ( boys just taught me). I know doing things with my kids doesn’t make me a good or bad mom but it feels that way sometimes. It makes me smile thinking about Madison and her cabin pack driving the counsellors crazy with all their giggles.

As I was saying. We all have times of ups and downs and yes being very fatigued sucks, but I sure appreciate those moments when I do get a bit of energy or have a good day physically. Today I read a passage in my bible that someone from bible study highlighted for me. I thought wow how appropriate after today’s feelings. Here it is ,

I am going to be ok. It says so right there 👆🏻. I thought of so many who are going through tough times and hope this encourages them too. I feel like this is God saying that my scars and sickness don’t define me. Good and bad He is right by my side and yours. 🌞

One thought on “My Hope is in The Lord Jesus

  1. Tania,
    Whst I’m going to say has no comparison to how you’re feeling and what you are going through.
    When I was stuck in bed with very low iron, the boys would bring games to me there and we would play right there on the bed.
    The things you do right now with and for your kids will leave lasting, fond memories for them. You are such a fighter and they see it and know it.


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