Happy 1st Birthday To Me!

Yes you read that right! On Thursday it will be 1 year since my stem cell transplant. Another year that God saw fit to preserve my life. The road has been far from easy and still has its daily struggles, sometimes debilitating but what an absolute incredible blessing to be here today.

September 13th we will be going for a yummy Keg dinner with some friends. I asked for a unicorn and rainbow party but the Keg seemed more appropriate. 🤪 Since my appetite is much better it should be very enjoyable.

I had my 1 year follow up appt last Tuesday as well as my first of 6 ivig infusions. The infusion didn’t go fantastic as I had a reaction within minutes. Beat red face, throwing up, dizziness. It was actually really scary. So after I calmed down from that they started again at a much slower rate. Took all day but it got in me. After I had my follow up appointment. My lung function test came back great. There is GVHD in my liver, possibly joints ( I see a rheumatologist on Tuesday) , my mouth and GI track. However the prednisone is working and most of the symptoms are better.

Thursday I had my next set of immunizations. 4 of them. The same day Aaron and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. I think our marriage has stood the test of adversity and pain as well as joy and happiness and I’m thankful everyday that I can call him my husband. I’m a blessed woman. We didn’t do a whole lot. We went for some appetizers and finished at Costco. 😂

I’m still taking my days one at a time but trying to get out more before flu season and all the nasty bugs are out. Still no immunity so I have to be careful. Ivig does help a bit. I’m happy for routine with school being back in and hoping to get back into bible study with my church. School sports starts right away assuming my kids make teams and hockey starts too.

So there’s an update. I’m still loving my little Molly. She follows me around everywhere and I love it. She’s so sweet.

2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday To Me!

  1. A great update Tania. Happy 1st birthday! May you be.blessed with many many more. We thank God for you and pray for continued health and strength.


  2. wonderful update…..giving glory to God and being thankful for all He has allowed. You are a trooper, and a very blessed lady 🙂


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