Bring The Light ….

Today I find my self feeling kinda down. I know it’s lack of a restful sleep from the steroids. Steroids also can just give you a ton of adrenaline but make you feel like you want to crash at the same time. The last couple days I’ve felt a bit more tired than normal due to the IVIG I was given and maybe it was partly immunizations. I was feeling pretty happy this morning but I guess the crash just kinda snuck up on me. I am for the most part happy and content.

For the past couple weeks I have gotten a lot accomplished. It’s felt really great. I have been spending more time with friends and family and attended many events. My expectations of myself got higher and some days I was so nuts that those expectations could never be reasonable on a day to day basis. So naturally as my energy goes down, I’m harder on myself. It’s crazy how we do that. I’m being slowly weaned off the steroids now so I need to be mindful that my energy may go down and it’s okay! The race to the finish line is not about how much work we do in one day or how good we are at something but how everything we do is to His honour and glory. Am I doing it to please God or myself ? So…

Today I choose to let the light in and chase away the darkness. I refuse to let the darkness take over . I’ve worked too hard for it. God has control over my life. If my focus stays on living everyday to please Him and to humble myself before Him, I will continue to show light and be happy. Of course realistically it’s not always so easy but with prayer and reminding myself and reading my bible , it’s a lot more attainable than letting the darkness take over.

Somethings that can help ,

– read a devotional

– pray

– go for a walk

– call a friend

– listen to some inspiring music

– remind yourself to live each day with a grateful, Christ centred heart

– eat poutine ( no don’t it’s bad for you) but I totally did that today 😝

– write a blog post ( it helps me a lot )

If you still read my blog , thanks! I appreciate the support and love. I enjoy writing and it’s extremely therapeutic for me.